I’m Broken

Today I had my first workout with a personal trainer at the behest of the wife.  Keep in mind, I’m a lazy guy and have the body of a wet noodle.   Physical fitness was always something like a chore for me. Years ago, when I used to work out with friends,  my hope was to be physically attractive to girls and get a relationship.  It never worked!  I had all kinds of girls reject me,  pretty ones, short ones, fat ones, ugly ones.  The problem wasn’t my body, it was my shyness and lack of confidence.

Anyway, the trainer today practically punished me with his routine.  The sad thing is, his routine was very basic and beginner level.  Picture  that nerd you see lifting very light weights and moaning like a sloth in heat.    I felt pathetic but after 3 months of not working out at all, it was a little bit enlightening.  Now I sit here, barely able to walk and just want to eat, jerk off or be alone with my thoughts.

The wife just came home.  She looks good.  She has a good soul but she also has a dark side due to her short temper and her self-centered ego.  I’m currently disappointed at her over a lot of things but I do not show it.  I will talk to her next week about it but I fear our marriage is broken.  Sometimes if two people are not truly happy together, then we need to take a step back and figure out what makes us happy and what we want in the future.





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