A few days before my adventure

Next Wednesday, I travel alone to Tokyo, Japan for 1.5 weeks.  It’s a much needed trip as I have been wrecked by the death of my dad, the selfishness and lack of sympathy from my wife, and the new world that I find myself in.  The purpose of this trip is to reset myself. I am a wreck and my emotions are a mess.  I want to take this time and look introspectively and reflect on what I want my life to be.

* Do I want to stay married to this sweet but crazy girl?

* Do I want children?

* How can I help my mom?

* What do I ultimately want to do with my life?

* do I want to eat ramen or mosburger when I’m there?

The best part of this trip, I dont really need to spend much.  My airplane ticket was purchased with my bonus credit card points.  I’m staying at a friend’s place so no need to pay for hotel.  Just need money to eat and local tourist stuff.

So what to do in Japan?

In my younger days, I could imagine doing many debaucherous things there.  Hostess bars, soapland, partying in Ropponggi.  Meet girls, get drunk and forget where I am.  These days, I rather just chill, eat, and stop by Akihabara the geek capital of the world.  I take marriage and vows very seriously.  I wish my wife felt that way…



2 thoughts on “A few days before my adventure

  1. I’m glad you will get a chance to get away from it all and “reset.” The most memorable part of my trip to Tokyo 6 years ago was walking around Harajuku and people watching. That and eating lots of fresh sushi in a fishing village whose name I don’t remember. I’m sorry for the loss of your father and the other issues you are facing. I hope your trip is refreshing for you. Take care.

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