This past Sunday, my mother and I had lunch with my father’s side of the family.  My aunt and uncle and their three children (my cousins) and their family.  I was never really close to this side of the family due to language barrier.  Everyone in this side of the family owe their life in America to my father.  When my grandpa passed, my father worked towards getting his sister and her family over.

Apparently my grandpa and my aunt had some sort of disagreement.  Which resulted in a broken relationship and a family divided between two countries.  When my grandpa passed, my father applied to that family over and give them a better life.  My dad once told me, he thought it might have been too late as the children came here in their 20s and didn’t get an american education.  However in the end, I think they did well.  And the fact is, it gives my cousins’ children a chance at a good life that they might not have gotten.

Anyway fast forward to Saturday, it was enjoyable seeing everyone together.  At the same time, I felt sadness.  With my father no longer with us, it really seems like there is something missing with everyone together.  He is the only piece that is missing.  I always loved talking to my dad about family.  I really wish I had more time to talk to him back then.  I felt bad for my mom a little bit as being together with my aunt and cousins must have brought a lot of memories with my dad.  They spent so much time together with this side of the family.  I wish our core family was bigger.  Unfortunately it is just me and my mom now…

I know my blog posts really revolve heavily around the loss of my dad.  Or my failing marriage with my wife.  I’m usually a more humorous guy then this.  Sometimes writing raw thoughts helps me.  I’ll write something more amusing and entertaining in my next post.


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