Today I find out the unfortunate news that my coworker Sri passed away from complications of cancer.  Apparently he had trouble breathing and had to go to hospital.  Then he had cardiac arrest and left us.    I knew him for about 10 years plus I think.  He was one of the finest men I ever met in my life.  The guy was super nice, easy going, cared deeply about his religion and family, an extremely hard worker. He was a year or so younger then me.  Never had a cross word about anyone.

Sri was diagnosed last year,a few months before my dad started experiencing problems.  I recall I came from vacation and noticed his face was swollen and his right arm.  The side effects of hus cancer was fluid buildup causing pain and difficulty to breate.  He was working in the states at that time and opted to go get treated back in India.  I questioned if this was the right move and if India has the good resources and doctors available.  His reasoning was he wanted family support.  Looking in retrospect, if his condition was really bad and inoperable this might be the best choice since he spent his last year among family.

It is unfortunate that he got signet ring cell cancer and he fought for a year and lost.  Sri never smoked, drank, ate meat, yet he still got sick.  Deeply religious and a family man.  He leaves behind a loving wife and a young toddler.  That makes me sad that his son will never have the chance to really get the time to spend with his dad and know him well.

Sri was always helpful at work even up to the very end.  He saved my ass a couple of times and made it possible for me to spend more time with my father when he was dying.  He always asked how I was doing and my battle with my dad’s cancer.  I’m very fortunate to have known him.

Sri, wherever you are…thanks for everything.  I owe you and we’ll talk again someday.


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