Lately I feel as if I have no luck. Not necessarily all bad luck but no good luck and I’m just at a plateau. For instance, gambling. I have been on a huge losing streak. Namely roulette. Just lost about $700 in three days. My wife is very generous and even gave me 300 to… Continue reading Luck


My wife and I argued again today. The first time in two months. It started out minor but escalated to something serious. Of course she threatens divorce. Often she thinks Im giving her an attitude when im really not. And because she thinks that in her mind, she quickly gets an attitude and becomes confrontational.… Continue reading Discipline


This past Sunday, my mother and I had lunch with my father’s side of the family.  My aunt and uncle and their three children (my cousins) and their family.  I was never really close to this side of the family due to language barrier.  Everyone in this side of the family owe their life in… Continue reading Family